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Panduan Online Store - E-Commerce Petua Harian!

1. Jangan tergesa-gesa pelancaran.

Salah satu kesilapan terbesar usahawan e-dagang adalah tergesa-gesa dalam melancarkan laman web online mereka. Kadangkala dengan hanya satu klik dapat merosakkan keseluruhan laman web anda.  (SEO -
(Search Engine Optimization), pemasaran kandungan, media sosial, dibayar pengiklanan, dan lain-lain) .

Beritahu kami apa yang anda fikirkan!


Perkataan untuk digunakan dalam iklan:Berikut ini adalah perkataan yang digunakan bagi menarik pelanggan anda.
1. Announcing

"Now announcing the secrets to acne treatment."
"Announcing: Going out of business sale!"

2. Secrets of

"How to Discover the Secrets to Better Intimacy."
"Order now, and Discover the Secrets of Success!"

3. New

"Now Announcing This New Secret That Everybody Is Talking About!"
"Discover New Secrets to Weight Loss!"

4. Now

"The Time To Buy Is Right Now."
"There Has Never Been a Time Like Right Now!"

5. Amazing

"Order Now for Your Amazing New Kit"
"Now Introducing the Most Amazing New Vacuum Cleaner"

6. Facts (You Should Know)

"Facts You Should Know About Healthcare"
"Facts You Should Know About Weight Loss"

7. Breakthrough

"Click Here For Your Breakthrough New Report"
"Now Announcing a Medical Breakthrough"

8. At Last

"At Last, an Easy Way to Make Money Online!"
"At Last, the Answers You Deserve!"

9. Advice to

"Advice to Lower Your Mortgage Payments by Half!"
"Advice on How to Stop Acne Before It Happens!"

10. Truth of

"Do You Want to Know the Truth of How to Lose Weight?"
"At Last, Learn the Truth of How to Live a Better Lifestyle"

11. Protect

"How to Protect Your Family Even When You Are Away From Home"
"At Last, a Secure Way to Protect Your Investments"

12. Life

"Here's How to Live the Life You've Always Dreamed About"
"Discover the Secrets to a Happy Love Life"

13. Here

"Here, You Will Find What You Have Been Looking For"
"If You Want to Get Rich Online, Start Here"

14. Discover

"Discover the Secret New Way to Protect Your Investment"
"Here is Where You Will Discover Secrets That Will Change Your Life"

15. Yes

"Yes, At Last, Your Search Is Over!"
"Yes, Send Me My Free Report!"

16. Bargain(s)

"Looking For a Bargain? Look No Further!"
"Now Introducing the Best Bargain You'll Ever Find Online"

17. Do You

"Do You Want to Discover Your True Potential?"
"Do You Want to Buy a Bargain?"

18. Love

"Here Is How to Protect The Family You Love While You Are Away From Home"
"Looking For a Bargain? You'll Love This!"

19. Hate

"Do You Hate Spam As Much As We Do? Read On!"
"How Much Do You Hate Your Sky-High Interest Rate?"

20. How Much

"You Have No Idea How Much This Will Change Your Life"
"How Much Is Too Much to Change Your Life?"

21. How Would

"How Would You Like to Lower Your Mortgage Payment?"
"How Would You Like to Win a Free Vacation to the Bahamas?"

22. This

"This Idea Can Change Your Life!"
"This Is Your Chance to Change Your Life"

23. Only

"Previously Only Shared to 200 People"
"Only You Can Decide to Change Your Life"

24. Sale

"Buy Now - This Is a One Time Sale!"
"Don't Walk Away From the Greatest Bargain Sale of Your Life!"

25. Free

"Download Your Free Report!"
"570 Free Sales Letters and Business Forms!"

26. You

"You Are the Only Person Who Can Change Your Life"
"You Must Act Now"

27. How to

"How to Make Money Online Fast"
"How to Design Your Own Golf Course"

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